Know the basics.

Do you already have an idea on the kind of wedding that you want? Once you already know the tone the basics of your wedding event, it’s time to create a timeline. Remember, many couples get engaged all the at same time, and you go against each other for the same exact pool venues and vendors. If you can make decisions faster, that will be great.

Use organization tools wisely.

The entire wedding planning process can be time consuming and overwhelming, most especially without a wedding planner. You and your groom need to monitor costs, and deal with receipts and invoices. To keep organization a lot easier, you may want to use Google Drive. Using that platform, you can share files and information with anyone you want, including an online wedding checklist.

Be very diligent in hiring vendors.

Always look for references when it comes to wedding vendors. Research about the, and check online of if they have good reviews. This is even more important when it comes to wedding caterers. Don’t forget to taste their good, and ask more questions.

Go for the DIY route, if you want to save more money.

Do you want to do everything on your own? Well, you need more time and patience. A DIY wedding starts with a guest list and budget. Do you want to wear that expensive dress from a bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur? If it’s too expensive for your budget, why not make your own gown? This will work well for you if you are not in a hurry, and has experience in sewing.

Anticipate all the challenges.

No wedding event is perfect. No matter how you plan everything, some things may go wrong on the day itself. Do your best to prepare for everything. If possible, ask help from your friends and family members, and make backup plans.