There are so many advantages to putting up your own online business. First is convenience as your customers are able to buy from you without having to go to a physical storefront.

Second, it helps merchants cater to a vast audience; even putting your business in the world map. Third is that the cost of operating an online venture is minimal compared to actually having a physical shop.

There are plenty of reasons why the e-commerce industry is the fastest growing business entity today. Be that as it may, there are some mistakes that you definitely have to avoid when you operate one. Read on to find out what they are.

Not Displaying Your Business Policies

People first have to trust a business entity before they will purchase something. There are some e-commerce websites, however, that do not display their company policies prominently.

Things such as the shipping policy, privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of use should be readily and prominently displayed so that the people will know exactly the terms and conditions of your business.

Not Putting a CTA Button on the Homepage

No matter what your goal is on your website, it is vital that you put a call to action button right at the homepage. It doesn’t matter if it is at the top of the page or if it is placed at the bottom, but the important thing is that it is prominently placed so that they can click on it.

‘Polluting’ Your Site with Apps and Plugins

Most e-commerce platforms have app and plugin support which means that you can add certain functionalities to your website as you please.

Now, do not go gung-ho when it comes to enabling these things since it can bog down the performance of your website. And, if your website is slow to load, you will be losing plenty of customers in the process.

Only enable plugins and apps that you deem are needed by your store.

Not Having a Consistent Website Branding

A website with good design is something that follows a common theme. This means that whether your customers are at your homepage or the checkout pages, your design remains consistent all throughout.

But, because some business owners attempt to be different, they incorporate so many different things in their websites that it loses your company branding.

Make sure that you choose a theme and then stick with it.

Your Copy is Weak

Your sales copy should be written in a way that sparks intrigue and interest. If those two conditions aren’t met, then your copy is considered weak. If you cannot write compelling stories, then you can hire someone who does. Trust me, you will need it.

Being Too Fixated on Sales that You’ve Disregarded Quality

Most beginner online entrepreneurs think about making a sale as opposed to providing the best customer experience. This is a pretty common mistake and one that you should rectify if you want to get good results.

You need to think in the shoes of your customer. Providing them with a fast loading website, an easy checkout process, and different payment options will surely convince them to come back for more.

Not Using Scarcity to Your Advantage

People can be motivated to do something if it leads to that something becoming scarce. If an item is relatively hard to come by, then that would trigger your customers to get it as soon as possible.

Using scarcity in your online shop will help increase sales because of this scarcity factor. Although this is always the case, it is important that you do not overdo it. Otherwise, if they find out that you’re using this as a tactic, then they will deem you untrustworthy and would likely not go back to your store any longer.