1. Be mindful of where or when you are taking your timepiece.

Don’t just wear your watch anytime, anywhere. Remember, there is a type of watch for every
occasion. Before wearing the watch, think about the environment you are going to be in. While
mechanical watches can endure the test of time, you wouldn’t want to wear it while swimming.
These timepieces are fragile, and can experience serious damages when exposed to dirt and some
substances. Explore different watch styles, and see to it that you have one for every occasion.

2. Watch out for magnets.

Magnets are the real bane of mechanical timepieces. Getting it close to magnets is like death
sentence. Keep in mind that mechanical movements lie in a great mechanical balance between
each tiny component, and a simple magnetic pull can make it fall apart. Avoid magnets as much
as possible.

3. Use a quality watch box to store your beloved timepieces.

Do you love buying men’s watches in Malaysia? Then, you must have a growing collection!
Now, how can you make these watches last longer? You need to store them in the right place
when you are not wearing them. Don’t ever leave them exposed to sunlight, and on the kitchen.
Store them in a sealed box. See to it that the storage box has enough space for every timepiece.

4. Clean it often.

Be meticulous in cleaning your watch. Don’t just wipe it with a cloth. Remove the strap.
Dedicated at least half an hour to go through each part. Then, polish it. There are tons of
products out there that you can buy to treat the steel or bronze. It’s additional expense, but it’s
worth it. Also, don’t forget the watch strap in this cleaning ritual.

5. Don’t open the watch.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, don’t open the timepiece. It’s really tempting to
explore the sophisticated automatic movement, but just one move can destroy everything. Don’t
open the case back. You can leave this job to a professional.