First-time parents are antsy to feed their newborns because they still do not know the best ways possible to feed them.

That being said, there are certain positions that you can orientate your baby in so that they will be able to feed on a baby milk bottle (or from the breast itself).

This article will provide information about the best positions to bottle-feed a baby.

Sit Upright

This position is ideal for babies who are gassier than others. Remember that when they are feeding, it is possible that their bodies will produce gas as a byproduct of what they’ve taken in.

To do this, you just have to sit your baby up and place them on your lap so that they will be in a more upright position. You can let their head rest upon your chest or you can also have them be supported by the crook of your arm.

Tilt the Bottle

Whatever position you put your baby in, you must always tilt the bottle in such a way that all of the milk will be forced near the nipple to allow your toddler to suck them out more effectively.

Not only will this make it easier for your baby to feed on, but it will also help reduce the gas that they might take in as well.

Place Your Baby on Your Lap

Whether you’re in a sitting position or if you’re lying down with your legs propped up, you can safely put your baby on your lap. Your toddler should be in an orientation where their head is placed on your knees and their feet will be on your stomach.

This could be a much better feeding position simply because you and your baby will be facing each other. You can give them a smile and send positive vibes so that it will entice them to feed and suck the milk bottle dry. Don’t forget to give as much eye contact as possible.

Get a Boppy Pillow

If you are the only parent or if your spouse is not around, there will come a time where your hands will become tired of supporting your baby whenever they feed. Fortunately, you can buy a boppy pillow instead.

This amazing thing can help you support the head of your baby while they are feeding on the baby bottle as it helps keep their heads elevated somewhat. Just make sure that you still hold the bottle so that you will never leave them feeding unattended.