In every service-based profession, you are required to take an oath. The same goes with architects as they have a social responsibility of not only providing quality homes or buildings for office workers, but to make sure that they are structurally sound and adheres to the latest standards in terms of energy efficiency as well.

Architecture firms in Malaysia and those around the world have architects that have a huge responsibility to the world.

First, the architects would have to muster up something to create a building that follows sustainable design. Next, they must make sure that they do so by also considering what their clients have in mind.

So the question remains: do architects have a social responsibility beyond their practice?

What Architects Do

The main responsibility of architects is to ensure that their architecture can help create better homes and office spaces that can help impact and affect society in a more profound way. Not only that but these buildings should also be constructed in a way that allows for a more livable community.

Although architecture is not as effective when compared to creating a cure for aids or perhaps ending homelessness, it does have its uses.

As new, old, or aspiring architects, it is our responsibility to make things happen with the belief that architecture can indeed affect the quality of life of every living life form.

As qualified members of society, we can help influence social conditions in a way that can have a positive change in our community.
Very few people in the world would choose to give up their personal belongings to help the people who are in need or there are only a handful of people that would risk their lives to save another.

Be that as it may, we have this responsibility of giving back to our community. It may be in the form of giving some of our financial resources to help the underprivileged societies or other things that can help other communities.

What Can Be Done Beyond Our Practice?

As architects, we actually have a huge role in making sure that the lives of our communities are improved by way of helping nonprofit organizations. Although we get a formal education in architecture and we are taught formal concepts, the study of architecture also teaches us how to become critical problem solvers and to use our intellect for the betterment of mankind.

For instance, we can make use of our abilities to help design buildings that can be used for flood relief and protection, as well as implanting strategic goals so that natural calamities will not be able to affect our communities.

You do not have to design building blueprints to help our society, however. You can choose to help and contribute in a variety of different ways, such as doing volunteer work in grassroots programs, feeding the homeless, providing the homeless and those who are in need with some material possessions that you consider extra, and so on.

So yes, we are architects and we have a social responsibility that we have to fulfill.